Thursday, May 19, 2011

VOODOO BEAR • Chauskoskis • ARWHINO G40

Here's my entry into the Custom VinylShow at the G40 Art Summit.
The show opens May 20th and goesthrough June 17th.
For more info on the show, visit theirsite,

Una de mis piezas para el G40 en ArtWhino Gallery, obviamente es un Teddy Trooper de FlyingFortress, con masivos cambios en el casco, y una cabeza totalmente nueva. (no use la delTeddy original, era un desperdicio cubrirla conepoxi)
En lo personal me gusto mucho el resultado, el colorido casimonocromatico quedo perfecto con la idea general.


Anonymous said...


How can I buy it?
It's awesome!

Blazon Brikhaus said...

I love him!
So cool, love that brain of yours!


J.E.Moores said...

Voodoo Bear is amazing. How do you do it? I finally got one of Jeff's Greasebat figures. I had no idea you sculpted what I considered the holy grail of vinyl this year. So psyched. Really love your work. Everyone should give you their money. Tell 'em I said so.

Chauskoskis said...

Anonymous? its for sale at Art whino gallery in Washington....

@Liz Hey Liz!!
hehe thank you so much!!

@ Jay

dude thank you. that Greasebat really did some damage right? LOL i was glad to be part of it.

Agree, everyone should give me their money :P haha

Mirko Arjas said...

Great! Can I buy it? In positive case, where and how?


Chauskoskis said...

@Mirko Hey man right now its for sale at Artwhino gallery in washington...honestly im not sure if they have a webstore or something...what i do know is that a few guys are on the chase of this custom :)

Thanks for stopping by man