Saturday, January 17, 2009

YOSHITOMO NARA "Missing in Action"


The hair....

I decided that the hair can be taked in and out...

YOSHITOMO NARA "Missing in Action"

Oh! I almost forget... this is the original paint: "Missing in Action" on 2006 was sale on Christies New York for the amazing sume of 1,080,000 Dls.


Hey there! This is a sculpture i made as a gift, based on a paint of japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara, i didnt have a camera for the first stage of the modeling, but from here on, i take a lot. hope you like it, and fell free to ask about the process.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Corona in Arles

I made a couple of this ones using famous paintings (Diego Rivera, Van Gogh, Picasso) this came out nice...

Nothing great, but i like it :)

Vida y Muerte

 This was my proposal for the "festival de vida y muerte" this take place on the last days of october till november 2, day of dead in méxico, on the Xcaret park.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Xcaret Scientific Names T-shirts

Acuatic Pimp
I made these ones  for a series of T-shirts for the eco-archaeological park Xcaret

Xcaret Scientific Names T-shirts

Caribbean Lover

Xcaret Scientific Names T-shirts

Manatee, tropical eater

Xcaret Scientific Names T-shirts

La Voz de Xcaret Magazine

This was the first proposal for the first number of the magazine, it came out on november, we celebrate "the day of the dead" in this month, again adding the toucan as symbol of the park and using the famous "Catrina" of José Guadalupe Posadas, i colored it kinda like Van Gogh style. also the logo came out pretty cool, but none was approved... sadly. :(

Help me!!

This was an illustration for the Xcaret park magazine, it was "the month of the earth" theme. The toucan is the symbol of the park.

100% México

100 % México

100% Mexico

For Corona Beer T-shirts

Hecho en Mexico

For the Corona Beer México

La Bamba Corona 2008

A poster for the mexican beer "Corona"