Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have lots of trubles with Blogger lately, cant post pictures most of the time, finally today it let me do it. I will migrate to Wordpress soon. Anyways!...
Probably you see it around the web but to make it official on the blog heres my  piece for the Garamaniacal show at FOE gallery. Its a 8" dunny as base. to me was a great opportunity to blend together two genres that usually fans dont see as one.  designer toys and Kaiju toys, to me both things art toys.
Most of  the designers toys fans arent aware about the kaiju Scene, so it was a nice chance to introduce them to it and to one of the most loved characters in kaiju world, GARAMON.

SO heres Gara-Dunny!
for Work in progress pics check out the flickr: