Friday, January 15, 2010


Aca van algunas pocas pics del evento, si quieren ver un monton de fotos mas y cada uno de los customs además de reportajes chidos de como estuvo el evento, dense una vuelta por:
I Heart Cool Stuff, Tenacious Toys, Tomopop y Sketchguy que estuvieron por aquellos lares.

Les agradezco mucho los comentarios tan chidos de mi "Papi Cranston"

Heres some cool shots from the "When the Hell Freezes Over" show at My plastic heart... the shots are cortesy from: Benny from "Tenacious Toys", Sakiwaki from "I Heart Love Stuff"and Steve "Sketchguy"Talkowski.

You can check each and every custom and different Chronicles of the event at:I Heart Cool Stuff, Tenacious Toys, Tomopop, Sketchguy flickr or in Spanky Stokes

Txs to all for the nice comments about "Papi Cranston" those make my week.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

O_Negative • Destroyer • Chauskoskis • Operation Smile

Finally i can show my custom for the Destroyer project by O_Negative and Argonaut Resins!
I take the writing from Andy of Toysrevil txs Andy :P

The DESTROYER embarks on a new path, not of "destruction", but of charity, with the full reveal of this series of custom-Destroyers by a host of artists, working on a resin figure with character designed by O_Negative and sculpted by Eric Nocella Diaz, produced by Argonaut Resins.

Proceeds of the charity sales will benefit "Operation Smile" with participating artists forgoing being paid for their efforts. I am proud to be a part of this awesome collective folks, and thank O_Neg and Eric for the opportunity! to have a look at the varied customs click her or go directly to Argonaut Resins for the full-story of how this event came bout.

The customs Destroyers will be available via the Argonaut Resins Online store. The release date is yet to be determined.


(text taked from Toysrevil blogspot)

The Artists: O_Negative, Andy Heng - ToysRevil, John Spanky Stokes, Brian Slivka - PlasticandPlush, VISEone, Emily Beaulieu, Ed Wires, Kat Sapene, David Ralabate, Dan Brodzik, Noah, OsirisOrion, Valerie Gudell, ToyGod, Steve Ceragioli, Vang, Rich Dufresne, Jessica Trussel and myself (Chauskoskis)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Papi Cranston • Chauskoskis

Aca van otro monton de pics, creo que el Papi Cranston resulto ser muyy fotogenico, asi que me diverti tomando fotos antes de enviarlo

Papi Cranston • Chauskoskis

Well, i think i can finally show it here too... my piece for the "When Hell Freezes Over" a custom Cranston Fellows Jr. show at MyPlasticHeart NYC, Cranston Fellows Jr created by Lou Pimentel.. i Thnk is without a doubt one of 3 fav pieces i ever made...

Click here: Cranston Fellows to see how it Look a blank in case you never see it before.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

El cCerdo de Pihuamo thank you all! Update

Txs to all of you guys, cant say how much i appreciated the support in one or other way... TxsJohn Spanky Stokes, Txs Eric from Argonaut Resinfor such beautiful sculpt to work and Lord Mesa for such great Character design, Txs to Benny from Tenacious toys, Stu from VinylAbuse,Quan from Fresh Characters, Brian from Plastic and Plush, the good Benny from Toysrevil, Igor and Sergio from Banana Suicida, John Struan from Toycutter and of course to the mexican crew, Vinyles chiles andSarukaku... THANKS A LOT.

And of course everyone who Twitt or follow me here on the blog and the friends from the flickr page, who these days make almost 5,000 views each day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

El Cerdo de Pihuamo • Kalua Moola • Chauskoskis


My first Kalua Moola from Lord Mesa and Argonauts Resins .
For this guy i just want to go with paint no sculpted parts (just the leg chain and ball) and the small band aid on the head, also i changed the original coin for a mexican one

Mi primer Kalua Moola de Lord Mesa y Argonauts Resins, esta vez solo use pintura y nada de partes esculpidas (solo la cadena con la bola) y el parche de la cabeza y claro, le cambie la moneda original por una moneda mexicana. AJUA!!!

Thanks to VinylAbuse • Plastic and plush and Dunny.NL

Txs To VinylAbuse specially to Unzung Zero for the post about my TT Monster...


Also i want to send big big txs to the guys from Dunny.NL for this old post i just found... the diablos on Netherlands!

Also big thx again to Brian from PLASTIC AND PLUSH for the past November 12 post about the "Rigo Mortis" for the Yoka Custom show