Monday, December 9, 2013

The Phantom x Chauskoskis

Being a fan of Lee Falk this must happen at some point, usually I do my own characters but once in a while I like to have some fun doing some homages to my heroes. This is one.

This wasn't made for a show so you can buy it directly from my store

Billy White • Chauskoskis

My piece for the Annual Blamo Toys Show at Toy Art Gallery, on December 14.
It was one of those pieces that came from one idea to another and just got evolving into something else, i guess also I was a bit affected by 4 weeks of non stop "Breaking Bad" episodes.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Evil Greasebat • Chauskoskis

1 Off custom sofubi Greasebat originally created by Mr Jeff Lamm and sculpted by me. Now i did a custom over my own sculpt so it was kinda weird and funny to cut and sculpt over it. 

The "Evil Greasebat" has lots of new work join on, the main features added are a new pair of eyelids that give him a badass look, also I re sculpted the neck area to give him a different stance that make him look bigger and fierce, new pair of hands, new set of translucent wings and a long tail, all over i add over a 1,000 new scales to this guy. also include a mini "kaiju Kira" a mini tiny version of a character im developing in a larger version *wink wink

This figure is up to auction, starting right now, and ending monday  at 12pm CST USA this gives plenty of time to other side of the world fans who missed  a few releases because of time related issues. 

Send your offer to and I will keep you updated on the latest bid.

Did i mention that I WONT EVER AGAIN make another custom Greasebat? so this can be your grial on  that Greasebat collection? or maybe your only Greasebat ever?

good luck everyone.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Paulus Hyu's "Sleepwalker Nimbus" x Chauskoskis

A project that has been on the works for some time it's finally done (at least my part), Artist Paulus Hyu had the good faith on me to pull together the prototype sculpt for his Nimbus character, but in its Kaiju form, "Nimbus Sleepwalker" this frenchie is on its way to the factory. So expect good news early next year. for more info check out Paulus Tumblr

Mini Teddy Trooper • Mini Voodoo Bear

Mini version of the Teddy Troop i did few years back check it out HERE
for sale at the CHAUSTORE

It will have a holidays discount of 20% just insert the discount  code VOODOO

Superish variant dunny

5th Annual custom show • Toy Art Gallery

Baby Greasebat Dunny x Chauskoskis

I did a custom Dunny inspired in Jeff Lamm's Greasebat character, plan to make a few runs of this in resin, i have Jeff Blessing and hopefully he can give me a hand with the header for this. Stay alert for this!