Saturday, November 30, 2013


Yeah, you're right. you know what this is... wait for it.

Si. obviamente es ESO que están pensando... esperenlo  pronto.

Designer Toy Awards' Trading Cards by Clutter x Sidekick Lab

Im on a trading card?! whats next? a Chauskoskis action figure? LOL

Released at NYCC13 and now SOLD OUT

This year's past Designer Toy Awards  added a component of fun, thanks to their partnership with SideKick Lab: a trading cards series!With 177 base cards revealing most of the finalists in the 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards, there are also 27 variant cards as well as signature cards and Golden Ticket Redemption Cards! What sort of Golden Tickets are available? Everything from original art to one-off Designer Toy editions, prints to hand-painted custom figures, and even a complete trading card subset pack!

Betelgeuse Dunny • Blindboxed series • Clutter magazine

Clutter Magazine invite me to  this rad project, a  custom blind box series celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the classic Tim Burton film Beetlejuice. This blind box series will include hand-crafted, customized 3" Dunnys and Micro Munnys by:Artmymind, burunDANGA, Charles Rodriguez, Chauskoskis, Gabriel Carpio, Gerard MDS, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal, MAp-MAp, Mr. Mitote, Murkasec, Sergio Mancini, and Task One.

We were asked to pick up any of the characters of the movie and do our thing. I always liked the dumb  football players so heres my take on them. Also i did a chase figure, that im revealing now  here. easy choice ;)

theres  some remaining Blind boxes i think so go and try your luck: Clutter Mag STORE 

Birro the clown AP • CHAUSKOSKIS

• ONLY 20
• Each is numbered and signed.
• It came with a hand sculpted mallet (each one made individually)
• Also Birro Hat comes pimped with a fancy bird feather
• And the coolest thing! Birro comes with his trusty sidekick, "Monko" who has the most important job, to keep safe Birro's Beer while he kick ass. Monko is an original sculpt made specifically for the hardcore Birro fans who get this AP, resin casted, and hand painted for yours truly Chauskoskis. • Come inside a nice and hard wood box (also the original KR box)

Anticristo 666 • Frank Mysterio x Chauskoskis

I know this is old news for you, but i should put it up here anyways. been lazy with the blog last year. so still trying to catch up...

Antichrist 666 prototype i did for Frank Mysterio came from the factory this past July at SDCC13 with the unpainted black as the first release, then a DIY and after that as usual Frank Mysterio has put out there bunch of painted editions,  i don't even know how many,  so im posting here some that i found online including the ones the just arrive from the factory, the clear and GID editions, watch out on Mysterio's website or Facebook for news about how or when he's gonna release more of this beast.

•also im posting the OG drawing  Frank send me for the 666 project.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Awesome Bear X Phil Lumbang

Old news but better late than never i guess... the prototype of the "Awesome Bear" i did for Dragatomi and Phil Lumbang  came out  of the factory some time ago and then a second version, "Panda edition" was released at the past SDCC, I think theres some Pandas left at the Dragatomi webstore, so go pick yours!

Noticias viejas pero mejor tarde que nunca... La producción final del Awesome Bear que esculpí para Dragatomi y Phil Lumbang fue revelada hace tiempo ya, y una version "Panda" fue presentada en la pasada SDCC. Creo que aún quedan algunas copias del Panda en la tienda de  Dragatomi. 


 For the Pollen Kaiser custom show at Toy Art Gallery