Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quasimoto x Dunny Mashup · Up in the store now

Blue and Yellow Quasidunnys, inspired on Madlib alterego Quasimoto also know as Lord Quas

Pick your favorite at the Store: CHAUS Store

PAWNNY False Friends Edition · WIP

WIP Punisher (or batman) · Chauskoskis

Inspired on Frank Teran work, who made thew most awesome Punisher even, sadly he just worked in a few numbers.

Quasidunny · Quasimoto Dunny Mashup · Chauskoskis 8" and 3"

Sphynx · Chauskoskis

Tuttz resin figure by Eric Nocella from Argonauts, Eric invited me to customize his popular figure for NYCC 2016.

Customized Horselington · Chauskoskis

For a super patient and awesome collector...

Some massive reconstruction on this guy if you're not familiar with the original toy here is a link: OG Horselington

Monday, December 12, 2016

Pawnnys · Chauskoskis

These are long go months ago, so dont get pumped about them, hope in the future i can make a few more, still a couple are yet to be shipped to their owners.

Pawnnys had been a pain in the butt, for countless reasons since the moment I created some years ago, they set me up way behind the last couple years and still trying to get back on track of that Pawnny mess. So we will see what future holds. love the piece but im a bit tired of all the the delays i had with it.

Baby Greasebat 8"

Based on the Clutter magazine "Greased Lightning" Greasebat Colorway 

4.5" Swanicorn Prototype sculpt for Daniel Fleres · Chauskoskis

This one, was made sometime ago, but never post it on the blog, so here it is... 

Huaxolotl Wax pull • Chauskoskis

One Off Baby Greasebat • The Phantom