Thursday, March 31, 2011

Batracio Malacara •  Chauskoskis • Pecanpal

Este custom fue hecho hace mucho tiempo para un show que nunca llego.
Su nombre es Batracio Malacara, ( fue un Pecanpal de Noferin) Es mi primer custom toy en madera el motivo principal de hacerlo así, fue mantener el concepto de los toys de Noferin, madera reciclada (las piezas que yo talle salieron de un viejo palo de madera) y fieltro. Mide 6.5" aprox

Espero pronto escribir la historia de este personaje, y desarrollarlo aún mas en otros productos, personalmente los siento entre mis trabajos favoritos.
a la venta! (muy a mi pesar)

This was made for a show that sadly never happen... His name's Batracio Malacara which literally means "Batrachian Badface" in english doesnt sound too good but in spanish is kinda hillarius (at least for me) i want some name linked with frogs and amphibians "batracio is a less common word to refer to the frogs but here in mexico it really sound like a real first name ..

and the badface thing, well usually my characters arent too happy... so, its very obvious.

I decide to keep the Noferin natural feel , materials and "Soul" of the Pecanpal concept. thats why i use some pieces of wood that i found on the street and give the shape i want. so this time there is no epoxy or sculpey just wood, and i make the frog hat using some felt (same kind of material that Noferin )

Soon for sale! ( sadly for me)

Noferin PecanPal • Custom 6.5" toy on wood, felt, clear resin ans acrylic paint.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Soon i will be making a OG sculpt to raise some funds for our guys in Japan. More info soon.

PS in regular basis i have a visitor from Chigasaji, Japan.. if you read this, please send me a message with your mail, maybe you can help me with some translation for this? ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

You like Wood?

A quien le gusta la madera?
mañana en la tiendita de Chaus... un custom que mantuve oculto por mucho tiempo, era destinado para un show que nunca llego a buen fin o buen comienzo... no así el custom, que es uno de mis consentidos, después de mucho pensarlo decidí ponerlo en venta ( ¿o será subasta?) no lo se aún... mañana muchas fotos.

If you like wood and you dig my stuff, this is one chance to get your hands on my first wood toy custom... it was hidden for long months, was made for a show that never take place.
So finally im showing it, and more than that, after a long thinking i decide to sell it (or up for auction? ) was a hard call since this is one of my favs customs i ever made. Be alert for news tomorrow.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toybreak Episode 160 : Technically Awesome (greasebat review)

Cool ToyBreak review about Jeff Lamm Greasebat. Watch the whole episode, George and Ayleen this time have the awesome Amanda Louise Spayd as guest on the couch... For Greasebat review jump to minute minute 17. 00

Un buen "review" del querido Greasebat en ToyBreak, échenle un ojo al episodio completo, esta vez tienen como invitada a la genial Amanda Louise Spayd, que tiene un regalito para los fans ;) O bien brinque directo al minuto 17 para ver la "review" del Greasebat!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Afterlife Seen • Chauskoskis

Esta es mi participación para el show DEM BONEZ "The Reconstruction" Curado por Mr. Den y Nemo, El Toy a modificar es una pieza diseñada por la leyenda, el bien llamado padrino del graffitti, Richie "SEEN" Mirando, Lo que quise hacer con esta pieza fue mantener el concepto original y hacerle un homenaje a Seen, no solo esculpí practicamente todo el esqueleto, el detalle mas importante fue agregarle al cráneo una pequeña barba de candado y el ceño fruncido, ambos característicos de Richie, una lata de spray Chauskoskis y una base muy sencilla en madera con un clásico graffiti del maestro Seen. Mi tributo a una leyenda viviente.

Y lo mejor de todo es que tuve oportunidad de hacer algo que diferente a lo que me suelen ver, y que muchos creen que es mi estilo. La verdad es que no tengo un estilo o al menos así me gusta pensar, hay mucho de quien aprender e inspirarse.

This is my piece for the show: DEM BONEZ "The Reconstruction" curated by Mr Den and Nemo, As you probably see on my flickr the base toy was THIS ONE designed by Graffitti legend Richie SEEN Mirando also called the grandfather of graffitti, so my take on this one was pretty simple, pay tribute to the man himself! so basically what i did was add some features on the skull to make it look like Richie, his classic beard and the wrinkled brows, obviously i sculpt a complete skeleton, a Chauskoskis Spray can and a very simple wood base with some graffitti print by Seen. the paint job also simple, yet expressive. So this is my deadly tribute to a living legend.

The best part on this is that i have the chance to show you a different style, sometimes people think this or that is your style, but the fact is that i like to believe that i dont have any, got too much on my head and too much inspiration around, that would be crazy to stick to just the things that work for you in the past. Hope you like it and hope you expect to see more of this in the future.

My personal faves on the show: J*RYU and Toi Ogunyoku Jr oh man ! Beautiful stuff

PICTURES OF THE SHOW By: StrongtreeImages

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dem Bonez the Reconstruction @ Zakka Gallery NY (March 25)

Un Show más para este fin de mes, me quede sin Magic Sculpt , ahora espero que llegue a tiempo para poder terminar mi pieza para el Show. Esta vez hare algo diferente a lo que los tenia acostumbrados, la plataforma requiere un tratamiento diferente, asi que lo aprovechare para divertirme un poco. :)

"Dem Bonez" is the name of a vinyl platform created by the godfather of graffiti, SEEN. The show is curated by Elite Gudz's Mr Den, and this is what he to share about the origins of the show:

"A few years ago SEEN wanted to produce these but the company that was making them couldn't get it quite right so SEEN pulled the plug on the whole project (That's why I decided to name the show "Dem Bonez the Reconstruction".) Being that I've worked with him for about 13 years, he became a mentor of sorts so I couldn't just let the awesome platform not see the light of day. One day I approached him with the idea of letting me curate (Nemo co-curated) a custom show with all the samples that was tucked away in some little dark corner collecting dust, he said, in his Richie SEEN manner "Hey slick, take em' all. Do whatever ya want wit em'."

And the rest they say, is "legend"...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour

Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour featuring 70+ custom works of art, created from Matt JOnes’ platform toy, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.

These artistic interpretations have been brewed to perfection by a fine selection of World Artists.

Mini Site up at Lunartik Website:

lunartik mini tea tour

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peter Petroleo • Chauskoskis

For the love of vinyl custom show. Dragatomi Gallery, Sacramento.

Robot #7183 was a machine from the mid 40's who has been shutdown and power less for a few decades , originally was created by Dr. Von Chaus Denburgh as a surveillance and espionage machine, but after the WWII was over and with the new technologies developed it was no longer needed.

Then, after 100 years in the darks, some unusual life grow inside of it... evolving from bacteries, dust, petrol and darkness some greasy creatures came to life inside 7183. Strangely, metal and glass, plastic and gears start to work.

theres no more robot #7183. Now, Peter Petrol is born...

Mil perdones por la historia en inglés, fue exclusiva para una pagina en Singapur, y no he tenido tiempo de hacer una traducción.

Most wanted 2 • Birro the clown variant revealed

Heres finally revealed my variant for the Most Wanted series, made just in grey tones, different tattoo and suspenders, looks rad i think. :)

Check out some of the opened blind boxes here: MOSTWANTED2

Por fin puedo mostrar mi variante de la serie Most Wanted 2, la obvia diferencia el color, ahora en escala de grises para darle un estilo de los años 20's , otro cambio es que trae tirantes y un tatuaje nuevo. :)

Si quieren ver algunas de las blind boxes ya abiertas por los fans chequen esto: MOSTWANTED2