Thursday, March 12, 2009

Socket Boy: sequence views

here's  other pics of my plasticine sketch (final one)

Socket Boy logo

Be alert! Socket boy will arrive soon with some great artist supporting us with great customs.

Socket Boy: Example of Custom

Cant resist and draw an example of a possible light bulb for a Socket Boy! pick your own light you decide how he shoul look!

Socket Boy: Hundreds of heads (promo)

 The idea is this, what if you can buy a toy wich you want to custom, but you you want to make him look so much more different than any other in the world? well, pick a lightbulb on any light store, on the supermarket, maybe and old lamp with a rare bulb? one with color? a soft tone? a light saver bulb? a big one? a large one? Is up to you... you get bored of youre old one? pick another head it cost, a few dollars at much! :D  enjoy Socket Boy® soon, sitting and standing....

Socket Boy: You decide! (plasticine sketch)

sculpting and sanding, always fun... head test: look great in any :)

Socket Boy: first aproaches and the chossen one!