Friday, February 13, 2009


"Censured boy"

This is "Censored Boy" my design  for the Aarting new toy "blankie" competition, no need to explain, they give you a platform and you design  above it
The votes will be later, I let you know :D

"El Santo" el enmascarado de plata

El Santo! the only real super heroe ever...  iam 32 years old now, but i remember the feeling of just see his pictures on "lucha libre" magazines when i was 5 or 6 years! it was... i dont know how to describe it,  some friends of my mom give me old   luchalibre  mags and i flip pages all day long... remember when he died think it was the first "close encounter" to the death, its not that i cried or not even told my mom but i feel sad when he pass... many years later i had the the chance to see his son "el hijo del santo" when i was like 13 or 14, it was on the "arena Coliseo" on guadalajara, guys you cant imagine the "whole" city  stop! streets blocked traffic everywhere around the arena A MADNESS! when he appear in the street gettin down of a car was like Elvis in his best days arriving to a concert... the crowd.. uff then the fight, crazy crzy stuff, I was 14 15 years ok?! this was my little tribute for El Santo.

If you see it is kinda bad job on the paint, it was intended like that, give him a 60's look, an old statue found on an old antiques store...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"El Batman"

I made this one like four years ago with epoxic plastisin,  not recommneded to work, unlees it is used for rough parts, its kinda like model with bubble gum... inthe end came out nice

"El Batman"

Monday, February 2, 2009

YOSHITOMO NARA "Missing in Action"

Well this is how it looks finished... was ready for the birthday :)

It look great in person the hair can be taked out easily. i give her on a cardboard box with red velvet on the inside wich make the doll look great and very "pro" now that the gift was given on time, i take the piece and gonna take her to "surgery" there are some deatais i didnt like, ex: the eyes should be way bigger, less cheeks in the front view the holes of the nose wider, the hair less rounded (front view), the smile is asimetrical, the sleeves more larger, arms a little more "chubby" the head will be rotated to the left, the neck of the dress more rounded and the legs have changes, but cannot be made as they look on the paint beacause on the paint the legs are almost in tiptoes so is impossible that the legs can hold the whole sculpture... any ways hope you like it so far...

Obviously she gonna be unpainted and repainte again, the dress is gonna be less red is kinda like more orange and will be painted by hand to get the style right, the face arms and legs gona be painted again by airbrush...