Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karuzo • Sizes

I think we never actually mention the size of Karuzo anywhere,  So here it is...

Karuzo Mold

Finally got time to finish the mold! It looks so nice, now its time to make the karuzo #1 the first copy, to check it finally in one color and see the real Karuzo done.

Next step: with this mold we want to make some karuzos for promotion purposes and to custom a few ourselfs and mostly important... to send a copies to a few of manufacturers to check the costs of the final versions... maybe just maybe, we sale a few of this originals Karuzos hand-casted, but not sure yet.. we let you know...
Stay tuned for the BORN of Karuzo!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Karuzo "Template" final one

If any of you want to sketch on the big round body of Karuzo feel free to do it. (its not a FAT guy, just badly packaged)

Later I upload some of the Karuzos we already receive via different sites

Karuzo (few days ago)

Well we already reach the "flickr" on Karuzo status :P right now i do a "contramolde" dont know the translation of this word, sorry.. and i make the back part already :D  as soon as i can i upload those pics

Click on any pic to see a larger version

KARUZO (not so old pics)

heres Karuzo after a lot, believe it or not lot of work to correct details... i know maybe you can see them, basically all the corrections were to adjust some asymetrical details... sanding and adding clay, and the most important change i think is the "jaw" now is more hard and strong hope you like, FrankMysterio  and I were happy with the changes.

KARUZO (Old pics)

Other views... and the first layer of primer to find details and give us an idea of how he finally look... many changes come...

Karuzo... old pics

this is just for the bloggers who dont follow the whole process of karuzo, if some of you guys want to see the sculpt from the begining just let me know and i post'em  here...

This are from the first version show on different web sites about a month ago

Monday, April 27, 2009

GIFT for the followers... REGALO pa' los seguidores

Hi Guys, soon i'll receive a few of "this" toys (you should know what it is) I will make a special custom  for my very few followers :P and i gonna make a raffle between you to win this custom! (Shippment included) i upload the process pics meanwhile, and when i reach at least 50 followers the winner will be announced and the custom sended.. hope yo guys get in to it... just one click to win, not bad right? JUST CLICK ON THE "FOLLOW" BUTTON DOWN THE FLAGS ON THE RIGHT

Que onda! pues a los que tienen el favor de darse sus vueltas por aca les tengo un regalo (no a todos jeje)   proximamente recibire algunos toys, para "customear" (ya se habran dado cuenta cual es) de eso customs que aun no se que le pintare, uno, el primero sera rifado entre los seguidores del blog, la rifa se hara cuando seamos 50, entre ustedes  saldra el "afortunado" gandor del custom con todo y envio, a cualquier parte del globo! asi que solo estan a un click de recibir navidad anticipada! SOLO DENLE CLICK EN EL BOTON DE "FOLLOW" BAJO LAS BANDERITAS A LA DERECHA

Karuzo... finally on the blog...

Well maybe some of you guys dont know about this project i been working on with my buddy an custom master Frank Mysterio, this big boy is called "KARUZO" its a DIY toy if you cant wait for the rest of the info pliz check my flickr... as soon as i can i update and put some exclusives here :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Devil Dunny black #3

this is a copy of the red one, Rusted Halo ask me for one red devil for him, but i told him that a black one will look sharp.. and yes look too cool! i had to make a black one for keep myself :S ilike so much...

just the tail is missing :D

One more is coing for George Caspar from Toy Break
soon i finish it

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frogo, the dunny

Well heres Frogo my second custom,  and i must say i really like him, not very clean finish but hey,  was done in a couple of night just  few hours ;)

Devil Dunny Final

finally done, this was finished about a couple weeks ago... two more customs already done soon i upload them, plus Some KAruzo pics, i think i had nothing of him here on the blog :S

Devil Dunny process 5 and 6

Devil Dunny process 2,3 and 4

my first minny dunny ever...
i been away from my blog a while but ill updated on these days...

Devil Dunny Process 1