Friday, November 2, 2012

Tripping Daisy X Chauskoskis

This is my piece for the Frank Kozik Show, at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco.
Its 17" tal original sculpt obviously inspired in Kozik early poster work, its my take of one of his Devil hot chicks what came out of it its this weird looking devil (its a girl or a boy im undecided so even the name Tripping Daisy, kinda fits, its creepy, its transexual? and its RocknRoll!
 Roll the dice baby!

KOZIK: A tribute show to the master

OPENING RECEPTION: November 2nd, 2012, 6:30 – 9:30pm
ON VIEW THROUGH: December 1st, 2012

1AM and curator James Brown, are proud to present “Kozik”, an exhibition that pays homage to Frank Kozik’s artistic career over the past 30 years. The show reflects on his iconic work from being a poster artist for renowned bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys to a vinyl toy sculptor and designer. The new collection aims to expose his influence on art culture today by showcasing new and original posters by the man himself, Frank Kozik, as well as including select artists to interpret his designs into new narratives.

The killer line-up includes: Frank Kozik and posters and custom toy vinyls by Jermaine Rogers, the Print Mafia, Brian Ewing, Scrojo, Artmymind, Run DMB, Tim Munz, Grimsheep, JC Rivera, Gomi, Luihz Unreal, Kevin Gosselin, Igor Ventura, Map-Map, Ardabus Rubber, Lick Your Elbow, Chauskoskis, and Sergio Mancini.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Semi Korosiya (Cicada Killer) X Adam Saul C.A.S.T

Estoy tratando de recuperar tiempo perdido con varios post pendientes, hace meses no tengo un internet decente en casa, asi que se complica mucho estar al corriente.

Este es un proyecto que ya tiene mucho tiempo en proceso y hace meses termine mi parte, se llama Semi Korosiya, es una figura Kaiju, diseñada por Adam Saul y que será producida en Japón.

hice un prototipo en plastilina basado en dibujos de Adam, y después a esa se le hizo un molde e hice una copia en resina negra, a la que le di una pulida y detalles, posteriormente la envie a Adam,
quien a su vez, la envio a Japon donde se encuentra es sus ultimas etapas.

Espero poder ver la pieza final muy pronto

Hey guys! trying to put here a bunch of stuff that i miss or just don't have the time to post before.

So heres Semi Korosiya prototype i finish back in april or something like that, first i did a clay version, then i made a mold of it and cast it in black resin and fix up some details there, then send it to Japan for Sofubi production.

Semi Korosiya was created and designed by Adam Saul from Cop A Squat Toys, and hopefully late this year or early next one will be for sale

Here's the clay original next to black Greasebat for size comparison

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Awesome Bear by Phil Lumbang x Dragatomi Sculpted by Chauskoskis

Other Prototype work i did recently for the folks from Dragatomi, they will be producing the signature character from the artist Phil Lumbang, "Awesome Bear".

 It was recently shown at SDCC 2012 at the Dragatomi Booth, this figure for sure will be a huge success, and im glad to be part of it, this was a tricky sculpt to do, but i think it came out pretty...AWESOME! 
It have 2 points of articulation, no date informed yet for the release so you better keep an eye on Dragatomi site.

Antichrist 666 X Frank Mysterio X Botaz Negraz X Chauskoskis

Antichrist 666 is a character created by Frank Mysterio, sculpted by myself and financed by the 3 of us, (mostly by Botaz Negraz and Frank) It will be the very first vinyl figure by Frank Mysterio in case that is not good enough it will be made in Sofubi! Yes that means it will be made in soft vinyl back in Japan as only the Japanese Masters can do it!

Figure was secretly shown around SDCC 2012, so far everyone got only good comments about it.

Now im working on minor changes to make it easier to pull out of the molds. so expect some changes here and there. final pics soon.
Stay tune, as we will reveal release dates eventually.
And no... None of us is Satanists!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birro the Clown by Eatmoretoys

The last few months i been (and im still) super busy so i havent had time to properly run my blog, but i want to share with you guys this awesome and fun review by my good pal Eatmoretoys, about our good old drunken clown Birro! who is now as you know nominated as fan Favorite for the Designer toy awards.

Gracias Carnal!

Birro the Clown by Chauskoskis from Eatmoretoys on Vimeo.

Designer Toy Awards Nominations 2012

Ok, i guess i should make a proper post about my nominations as finalist for the 2012 Designer Toys Awards!

Its pretty exciting not only because i have 4 nominations this year, (more than anyone this or the past year) also more nominations than anyone on the short life of the DTA awards (second year), what really is pretty dope is that i was voted as a finalist by the DTA board, formed by a few dozens of the best artists and experts on  the toy thing and whats even better is against im competing now, all awesome artists and some of them great friends... good luck to all and hopefully wins the best.
The ceremony/party for the awards will be in october during NYCC.

By the way 2 of the categories im nominated for are for public voting, so if you like to support me or support any of the other guys and girls go here:
Artist of the Year
Fan Favorite (this nomination is for my quickly sold out Dunny for Kidrobot, Birro the clown)
And two more categories that will be voted by the DTA board so wish me luck!
Best Customizer
Break Through Artist

What is also pretty cool, is that if i not win anything this year i will be the BIGGEST loser ever on the Designer toy Awards! that is kinda cool! LOL

Wooper Looper at SDCC 2012

Looks like Wooper Looper had a great time at SDCC this year, Gary also show up a blank pink version, both editions came out lovely, and receive lots of attention by some cool artists, who actually pick a few of them (wont say who, but they are a pretty happy now with their Loopers!)

The remaining from SDCC are now at Gary Ham Webstore, so before its too late go there and grab yours, remember this fellas are limited to 100 for the painted edition and 50 (i think) of the pink one, GO not many must be left! if not you will be crying around and buying expensive Woopers on Ebay LOL
Pictures stolen from Gary and  Jeremy Brautman

El Wooper Looper fue un éxito en SDCC como se esperaba! Además de la edición pintada Gary presento una versión más limitada, sin pintar y en vinil rosa, no solo fans se llevaron un Wooper en su botín de SDCC también varios artistas se llevaron el suyo, lo cual siempre es un honor para el creador del toy (y claro, para mi también) Los Wooper restantes ahora estan a la venta en este link: Tienda Gary , así que no se queden sin su Wooper y agarren el suyo antes que se acabe, recuerden son piezas limitadas que no se volverán a hacer en estos colores.

Monday, July 9, 2012


"Alfonzo Weismuller" is my creation for the Fonzo custom show by FreakStore in Venezuela

Alfonzo is not only an really experienced swimmer and got a great hairstyle, he's a fashion trends follower and more important he is  a good looking sexy male. 

*Alfonzo song of choice: "I'm too Sexy" by Right side Fred

Alfonzo Weismuller" es mi custom para el show de "Fonzo" de Freakstore en Venezuela

Alfonzo no sólo es un nadador consumado y tiene un cabello espectacular, también le gusta vestir a la moda, pero más importante, Alfonzo es un tipo muy sexy y cachondo! 

Su canción favorita: "im too Sexy" de Right side Fred.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fonzo Custom Show

Freak Store de Venezuela me invito al primer custom show de su nuevo DIY art toy, "Fonzo" de las plataformas DIY que he visto ultimamente Fonzo es de las mas agradables e inspiradoras para trabajar, si bien su cabeza esta muy definida aun así, da para crear mucho sin necesidad de modificarla mucho, o nada...
Para mas info de este toy, y sus próximos lanzamientos visiten su Pagina Web, según escuche tienen una serie de Fonzos en camino! 

Si quieren ver el proceso de mi Custom Fonzo vayan a mi --> Flickr

AAAH y ya pueden comprar su primer Fonzo diseñado por el mismísimo Gary Ham ;)

Gary Ham's sofubi Wooper Loopers unveiled, to be at SDCC

"It’s been said that I look like a lizard,
I’ve even been called a newt!
I’m neither or either, I’m my very own creature,
I’m a Wooper Looper! Woop Woop!

I have toes and I swim, I regenerate limbs,
I think the gills on my head are quite foxy,
Sadly, some people like to eat me, 
They fry me and pair with Sake.

I’ve traveled by air, by sea, and by land,
I’ll be yours, your new little chum,
This outcome you’ll see, as happy as can be,
Brought to you by Chauskoskis and Ham."

Wooper Looper is finally here on his first colorway!
After a long year of productions test and samples by the masters in Japan, Wooper looks so simple, but it give the factory big challenges, like the Gills, and the fingers and toes, mostly because of the small size of them, and the way the vinyl has to be pulled out of the molds, so they had to make some slight changes on the original sculpt here and there, but it came out fantastic, Sofubi toys have some magic, and the fact that each figure is different from one to another, flaws are beauty :D Really excited about having a Wooper in hand next week in SDCC 2012 grab yours fast because these little chums are going to fly out of the shelves!

Gary Ham Blogspot

Monday, May 14, 2012

Most Wanted Series 3 • All about Zanahorias • Chauskoskis

My pieces for the Most Wanted series 3, 8 of them are for the series 1 of those is a variant version, and i have two more, 1 is the original proto  who is not wearing an overall, and have an apple on one hand. And i did one more that is exactly the same as the ones from the series, that extra one will be up for auction once the MW3 series is released. keep your eyes peeled for that little fella.

Dieter Sweet Pea • Dudebox • Chauskoskis

 Dieter Sweet Pea is my contribution to the new blind boxed mini series by Dudebox go get it here: DUDEBOX mini series remember its a blind box, so you will need some luck to catch Dieter.. but the others figures are dope so go for it!