Friday, June 25, 2010


Chequen algunos de los trabajos que estarán en el show aquí:

La idea de este show es basarse o inpirarse o reinterpretar los viejos juego de video, en particular los ochenteros... habia mucha tela de donde cortar, podria ser pintura custom digital etc, yo al final decidi hacer una escultura desde cero basada en uno de los personajes de un juego llamado "China Gate" este no es uno de los personajes principales si no uno de los enemigos de los Heroes... tiene cierto parecido a un personaje sacado de warcraft o a blanka de street fighter jaja pero pues estos dos son posteriores a este.

The idea is use as inspiration the old arcade games from the 80's
So many good ideas but in the end i decide to do a original sculpt from a character from the "China Gate" game produced by the same guys who did the classic Double Dragon, this isnt the main character of the game but one of the bosses.. hope you like it

PRESS START! at Headquarter Gallery • Montreal

Monday, June 21, 2010

Birdman 40º • Celsius • Chauskoskis

Tuve que inventar una pequeña historia para Toysrevil un popular blog de toys con base en Singapur, así que disculpen que solo lo ponga en ingles... pero de no ser por su solicitud no hubiera escrito nada...

I had to quickly write a little story scenario about my Birdman for a little interview on a Singapur based toy blog Toysrevil, i usually dont make writings about my own stuff, so you guys please bare with my gooffy story... Txs Andy.

"At his secret head quarters hidden on the top of a volcano, Birdman and Avenger receive a warning form his friend and contact, secret agent Falcon 7, something strange is happening on the Himalayan alps, strange avalanches are taking place there, so he's asked to go flying over there and check out if it is another creepy plan of Dr Evilious to conquer the earth...
Sadly, Birdman is not on condition to leave the headquarters, he had a 40º fever all night long... Now BirdMamma's taking care of him with cocoa and some chicken soup, and cozy bed. As you see, the Himalaya is not the best place to be for our hero."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Frozen Diablo • Chauskoskis

Dunny Diablo para un coleccionista (muchas gracias por la paciencia Oscar) este el el 5 dunny diablo que hago, no me gusta repetir diseños, por eso es que todos han ido evolucionando, no solo en cuanto al color, también en forma y técnica... más fotos en cuanto términe unos detallitos extras.
los otros diablos aquí: Flickr

Dunny Frozen Diablo 3 " for a private collector this is the Dunny diablo number 5, and a couple more to go. we have the red, the black, the green, the silver and now this one... it need a few more details then i show up some more pics.
the other diablos here: Flickr

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

QEE x Skelanimals Serie 1

El primer "teaser" de Toy2R de la serie 1 de Skelanimals x Qee ya esta circulando por ahí, aca se los dejo y les comento que esten atentos a la segunda serie que se planea para invierno de este año más sorpresas ;)

TOY2R-PRESS: With the Licensing Show taking place this week in Las Vegas, it’s only right that Toy2Rdrops this advance look at the lineup of designs from the cast of international artists participating in theSkelanimals Qee Project. Each designer was asked to submit designs of their own interpretation of Skelanimals using the Qee platform. To bring both worlds closer together, Toy2R has worked closely with the Skelanimals team to create the core characters in Qee form.

Series 1 will feature the Skelanimals characters Chungkee and Marcy as the platforms for design. Series 2, planned for the winter, will feature Dax, Kit and Jack, all in Qee form. And just like regular Qees, each figure will include a keychain attachment!

Series 1 will include designs by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Reactor 88, Julie West, Lunabee, Frank Mysterio, Jim Koch, Chauskoski and Voltaire. There will also be variant chase versions inserted randomly int he 25pc counter displays, as well as original classic styles of each Skelanimal character. [CLICK THRU for full teaser ad]

Toy2R expects to drop Series 1 of the Skelanimals Artist Qee Collection in late July to early August. Early word has it that there will be some exclusive pre-launch figures available during this year’s SDCC event to wake the dead! Expect the blind boxed assortment to retail for about US$9.99 each.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Thank you so much to Kusovinyl for the words and post in their blog of my WIP Celsius Birdman, i must finish it this weekend and send it over to to you. Txs Jonathan

Gracias a Kusovinyl por "postear" mi trabajo en proceso del "Birdman Celsius" y más que nada por sus palabras. Pronto estará listo para irse a TAG gallery.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Le Monstre du Xochimilco

Design for the "Playing Art" DIY toy from LeLab toys. Soon ill be translating this on the actual toy to see how it work on 3D

Diseño para el "playing Art" de LeLab toys. De momento tambien lo estoy trabajando en la pieza real para ver que tal funciona el diseño en 3D

Sneak • Secret Show, secret figure

No puedo decir nada y el show se atrasará un mes, pero seran pocas piezas con artistas muy pesadotes. (como siempre, no sé como me colé entre ellos)

Cant say or show much, but this show def will rock, small number of awesome artists (as usual... i dont know how I end up join this selected group) thanks C.