Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Anticristo666 "Clear Red Cherry" Chauskoskis Edition

The Anticristo 666 was artist Frank Mysterio first soft vinyl figure produced in Japan.
As you know this beast was sculpted by me.

This is the first and only Colorway produced as requested by me.
This "blank" cherry clear red edition wont be ever produced again.

Link to my Store: CHAUS STORE

Will be honored to have your support by buying one of these guys, that money will help me with the production of my first Sofvi figure "Huaxolotl

Comes bagged with header art
• 7.5" tall
• 5 points of articulation; neck, arms and wings

Eyes and nose for a giant plush

HUAXOLOTL test pull

Test pull finally arrived to Mexico, and he looks great. 

hopefully production of the first colorways wont take much longer.

Here he is  next to other Sofvi figures I  sculpted. (for size comparison)