Thursday, March 12, 2009

Socket Boy: You decide! (plasticine sketch)

sculpting and sanding, always fun... head test: look great in any :)


magia154 said...

Ay que envidia. Cómo no se me ocurrió antes? jaja

Me late este toy. Cuenta un poquito más... y en español compa porque a mí se me da poco la lengua del wash and wear. (jo, acá yo muy jefa ¿no?)

wjacott said...

jeje que onda magia! pues lo del ingles no se me da mucho pero hago la lucha sobre todo es para llegar a mas gente... pero estoy a tus ordenes en wash and wear! pues traigo varios toy s en proceso este es el que probablemente saldra primero en un pequeño tiraje y esperando tene buenisismas ventas como para poder producirlo en series mas grandes, estari chidisimo conseguir que lo distribuya alguno de esos sitios de toys ya famosos, y la idea es que la venta me deje suficiente ganancia como para sacar los otros y mas grandes producciones, no espero hacer billetote sin producir muchos monitos!! jeje

cualquier duda o pregunta o lo que se te ofrezca dejame mensaje en el flickr o en mi correo personal, ya que el blog no me esta funciionando mucho... :( no se como hacerle pa generar trafico por aca...

CIDD said...

So cool.
It's very Impressive to me.

Last year, I was eager to make my own character that inspired from bulb. I just envy you. cuz my bulb character wasn't cool.

Nice blog, you are nice, too.
I don't use, or twitter. But I can come to your blog often.

see ya.

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

txs for the comments Cidd

you should go on with your creative ideas, always pay in a way or another..

you can click in the follow button and had a chance to win a Custom toy free of charge! there are just like 3 spaces left... ;)

CIDD said...

OMG! Can I get this Socket Boy? really?

I became follower of you via google ID.
for detail, I want your e-mail address.
here's too narrow for my questions.

jyusen [at] is mine.

thanks, Walter.

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

hehe no not one socketboy, hes not ready yet... ( production been slow) im giving away a Gwin (its a toy from october toys, its a little penguin, but im customizing one and thats the one aim giving.. its not finished yet...
heres the post

sadly you are the folower 52 so you miss to be on the 50 first followers...

but later i gave other surprises, so stay tuned

my mail is