Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Historias del paraiso 2

I know many of you dont understand spanish very well but trust me, its just a silly joke 

basically those animal are too bored on the jungle, till the  Jaguar comes with a great idea to have fun...

the idea was that everyone tell a joke but if not EVERYONE  laughs the one who told the joke will receive  "Pamba" (lots of punches in the head) -i know thats cruel- ... so as you can see every one laughs  except  the turtle...  in the end the turtle laughs before  the toucan finish his joke, and says "har har har! the joke of the crocodile was hilarious!"

I know its stupid, but hey the turtles are  slow for everything :P

P.S. its funnier in spanish


GUSSTOYS said...

jajaja esta muyyy bueno sr chausss.. ademas de la ilustracion esta bien chida. Muchas felicidades. me agrado bastante y yo si me reí JAJAJA

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

jeje gracias.. falto mas espacio pa desarrollar mas los textos pero bueno era la idea :P

Alguien said...

jaja muy bueno