Monday, June 21, 2010

Birdman 40º • Celsius • Chauskoskis

Tuve que inventar una pequeña historia para Toysrevil un popular blog de toys con base en Singapur, así que disculpen que solo lo ponga en ingles... pero de no ser por su solicitud no hubiera escrito nada...

I had to quickly write a little story scenario about my Birdman for a little interview on a Singapur based toy blog Toysrevil, i usually dont make writings about my own stuff, so you guys please bare with my gooffy story... Txs Andy.

"At his secret head quarters hidden on the top of a volcano, Birdman and Avenger receive a warning form his friend and contact, secret agent Falcon 7, something strange is happening on the Himalayan alps, strange avalanches are taking place there, so he's asked to go flying over there and check out if it is another creepy plan of Dr Evilious to conquer the earth...
Sadly, Birdman is not on condition to leave the headquarters, he had a 40º fever all night long... Now BirdMamma's taking care of him with cocoa and some chicken soup, and cozy bed. As you see, the Himalaya is not the best place to be for our hero."

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Shergus said...

Tu ponle Precio!! esta super chingon... terminate la serie con fabulman!
Eres un Genio caray! felicidades