Thursday, July 29, 2010

Greasebat • SDCC

Greasebat did arrive on time for San Diego Comic Con, this is a blank version in black vinyl, it was a big success, art toy artists, designers, Kaiju artists, bloggers and fans love it so bad! the black version was SOLD OUT during the Con.
after this one, Jeff Lamm will have another blank version in green blue vinyl for his solo show. First painted version will make his debut on NYCC on october 8.

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1: Picture of Greasebat by Spanky Stokes arriving at SDCC info 2: Mark Nagata bought a Greasebat He is superhappy with it 3: Jeff Lamm Private collection, Red first pull and the SDCC black version. 4: Spanky Stokes impersonating the Greasebat. 5: Steve Sketchguy Talkoswski showing us the Greasebat.

1 comment:

Jeffrey said...

I can't wait until we can do another one Walter! People love this guy! You did an excellent job.