Friday, October 1, 2010

El Rudo Mono Guajardo • Qee • Chauskoskis

Aquí les va mi pies para el show del 15 aniversario de Toy2r que se llevará a cab en Dragatomi la proximal semana
La historia nuevamente la escribí para un blog extranjero así que me toco hacerla en ingles, espero no les moleste.

El Mono "Rudo" Guajardo (The Monkey "Heel" Guajardo) is a mexican wrestler, one of the main figures on the WAWF (World Animal Wrestling Federation) he has gain fame in the last years mostly because his fierce and nasty game on the ring (and outside) he use to be a "Luchador Tecnico" (face wrestler) but when his Monkey Momma pass away, something inside his head just flip all the way around, not even a bunch of bananas and a piña colada can make it chill...

There's only one wrestler on the whole WAWF that actually can bare with this furious and bloody wrestler... Lupus "The Green Spaniel". But thats a different history.