Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Miqee Rat" Skelanimal Qee - Artist Proof 1-50

Finally i'm able to offer you my Skelanimal Qee AP's
They are just 50 of them.
Is curious but some people ask me for a Specific # on the qee! maybe their lucky number? if you want that, send me a twitter message so i can tell you the remaining numbers.

Here i want to do something different, i want that every one had a original CHauskoskis handmade piece, so i figure out, how i can do that? So im making 50 paintings in watercolor (each one hand painted and numbered by me) exclusively for the "Miqee Rat" fans!

In your AP Qee pack you will receive:
• 1 Qee (numbered of /50 and signed)
• 1 Exclusive 7.5" Watercolor painting signed and numbered (not copies)
• 1 Chauskoskis logo sticker
• 1 Miqee Rat Qee sticker


Por fin pongo a la venta mis Skelanimals Qee "artist proof"
Son 50 Miqee Ratas numerados, algunas personas me pidieron algun numero en particular, tal vez sea el de la suerte?
Si quieren envíen un mensaje por twitter o facebook y les doy la lista de los números restantes.

Quise hacer algo especial para esto, me gustaría que todos tuvieran un arte original hecho a mano, y se me ocurrio hacer 50 pinturas en acuarela (cada una numerada y firmada) exclusivamente para los fans del "Miqee Rata"!

En tu paquete del Qee AP recibirás:
• 1 Qee (numerado /50 y firmado)
• 1 Exclusiva acuarela de 7.5" numerada y firmada (no copias!)
• 1 Chauskoskis logo Calcomanía
• 1 Miqee Rat Qee Calcomanía

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