Friday, January 7, 2011

Karuzo x Samuel Casal

Here’s an exclusive first look at Brazilian artist Samuel Casal’s figure design for the upcoming Karuzo 4” mini-fig series created by Chauskoskis and Frank Mysterio Jr. A prominent illustrator and engraver, Casal brings a fresh perspective to his first toy design, seamlessly blending traditional Latin imagery with touches of urban design from the sleeve flames to the gold tooth. Instead of oozing bravado, this Luchador almost seems a bit reluctant or at least weary with drooping eyes. Featuring 24 artist designs, the series mixes established vinyl toy talent, rising artists, and crossover artists from varied genres and backgrounds. Casal’s design is the second to be revealed, following the initial reveal of Bunka’s black + red design. Karuzo brings an alternative feel/vibe to the crowded and increasingly stagnant world of platform toys.

Thanks for the writing Jack! Vinylpulse

Ahora revelamos el segundo diseño de Karuzo! (Si recuerdan, el primero fue Bunka )

El excelente artista, ilustrador y gravador brasileño Samuel Casal nos hace el honor de participar en nuestro proyecto, que poco a poco sigue tomando fuerza. Para conocer el trabajo de Samuel que no es nombre relacionado con el art toy visiten su web:

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