Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Greasebat • Brown Chocolate with Golden spray & G.A.S. Edition (brown chocolate)

Hey guys, this is the third official release of the Baby Greasebats, (i just realized I skipped the red NYCC painted version, so that would be next) this obviously is based on the colorway Jeff released in 2011, Brown dark chocolate, yellow and nice sprayed golden details. Also im releasing very few of the "blank" version called G.A.S. edition which is plain dark Chocolate. 

These will be up at my store thursday, November 13 at 4pm PST. 

For  these I managed to lower  the price  quit a bit compared with the previous (sold out) editions.

So thats a thank you for the support along these years. 

More new cool projects are coming so watch out. hope you like plush?

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