Saturday, January 9, 2010

El cCerdo de Pihuamo thank you all! Update

Txs to all of you guys, cant say how much i appreciated the support in one or other way... TxsJohn Spanky Stokes, Txs Eric from Argonaut Resinfor such beautiful sculpt to work and Lord Mesa for such great Character design, Txs to Benny from Tenacious toys, Stu from VinylAbuse,Quan from Fresh Characters, Brian from Plastic and Plush, the good Benny from Toysrevil, Igor and Sergio from Banana Suicida, John Struan from Toycutter and of course to the mexican crew, Vinyles chiles andSarukaku... THANKS A LOT.

And of course everyone who Twitt or follow me here on the blog and the friends from the flickr page, who these days make almost 5,000 views each day.

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