Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gary Ham's sofubi Wooper Loopers unveiled, to be at SDCC

"It’s been said that I look like a lizard,
I’ve even been called a newt!
I’m neither or either, I’m my very own creature,
I’m a Wooper Looper! Woop Woop!

I have toes and I swim, I regenerate limbs,
I think the gills on my head are quite foxy,
Sadly, some people like to eat me, 
They fry me and pair with Sake.

I’ve traveled by air, by sea, and by land,
I’ll be yours, your new little chum,
This outcome you’ll see, as happy as can be,
Brought to you by Chauskoskis and Ham."

Wooper Looper is finally here on his first colorway!
After a long year of productions test and samples by the masters in Japan, Wooper looks so simple, but it give the factory big challenges, like the Gills, and the fingers and toes, mostly because of the small size of them, and the way the vinyl has to be pulled out of the molds, so they had to make some slight changes on the original sculpt here and there, but it came out fantastic, Sofubi toys have some magic, and the fact that each figure is different from one to another, flaws are beauty :D Really excited about having a Wooper in hand next week in SDCC 2012 grab yours fast because these little chums are going to fly out of the shelves!

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