Sunday, July 22, 2012

Antichrist 666 X Frank Mysterio X Botaz Negraz X Chauskoskis

Antichrist 666 is a character created by Frank Mysterio, sculpted by myself and financed by the 3 of us, (mostly by Botaz Negraz and Frank) It will be the very first vinyl figure by Frank Mysterio in case that is not good enough it will be made in Sofubi! Yes that means it will be made in soft vinyl back in Japan as only the Japanese Masters can do it!

Figure was secretly shown around SDCC 2012, so far everyone got only good comments about it.

Now im working on minor changes to make it easier to pull out of the molds. so expect some changes here and there. final pics soon.
Stay tune, as we will reveal release dates eventually.
And no... None of us is Satanists!

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