Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anticristo 666 • Frank Mysterio x Chauskoskis

I know this is old news for you, but i should put it up here anyways. been lazy with the blog last year. so still trying to catch up...

Antichrist 666 prototype i did for Frank Mysterio came from the factory this past July at SDCC13 with the unpainted black as the first release, then a DIY and after that as usual Frank Mysterio has put out there bunch of painted editions,  i don't even know how many,  so im posting here some that i found online including the ones the just arrive from the factory, the clear and GID editions, watch out on Mysterio's website or Facebook for news about how or when he's gonna release more of this beast.

•also im posting the OG drawing  Frank send me for the 666 project.

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