Saturday, November 30, 2013

Betelgeuse Dunny • Blindboxed series • Clutter magazine

Clutter Magazine invite me to  this rad project, a  custom blind box series celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the classic Tim Burton film Beetlejuice. This blind box series will include hand-crafted, customized 3" Dunnys and Micro Munnys by:Artmymind, burunDANGA, Charles Rodriguez, Chauskoskis, Gabriel Carpio, Gerard MDS, Igor Ventura, Luihz Unreal, MAp-MAp, Mr. Mitote, Murkasec, Sergio Mancini, and Task One.

We were asked to pick up any of the characters of the movie and do our thing. I always liked the dumb  football players so heres my take on them. Also i did a chase figure, that im revealing now  here. easy choice ;)

theres  some remaining Blind boxes i think so go and try your luck: Clutter Mag STORE 

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