Thursday, May 5, 2011

DON DIABLO (Bumrush) • Chauskoskis

Para el Show "Cast in Plastic"
El toy un Bumrush de diseñado por Jroo (aka Justin Rudy)
me invitaron a este show que es con plataforma abierta, así que decidí terminar esta pieza que originalmente era para mi colección personal, estuvo muchos meses en mi escritorio a medio trabajar así que fue la ocasión ideal. Gracias a Marie Ung y a Abe Lincoln jr por la incitación!
Aquí les dejo a "Don Diablo".

Base toy is a Bumrush , designed by Jroo from
I have a bunch of fun doing this piece, it was meant to be for my personal collection but then i was invited to this show by Abe Lincoln Jr and Marie Ung, and since it is a open platform show i decide to finish this guy that has been sitting on my desk unfinished for too long. So here it is... "Don Diablo"

As you can see comparing both the Og and my version the changes are in form and not in essence i already love the OG toy so i just add some Chaus flavor, great toy Justin, Txs! one more to go ;)

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