Monday, May 2, 2011

Mail from Coarse...

Some time ago i send pics of my COARSE DEMON custom to Coarse, and they actually reply! so i want to share with you the response they gave me. Its great to have a thumbs up from them, and knowing that Mark did not enjoy artists and customizing his toys.
(obviously I add the image)

Hace un tiempo mande unas fotos de mi custom Jaws a Coarse y se las envíe... y me responden!
Es muy chido saber que apreciaron el trabajo y respeto con que hice la pieza. Aquí el correo de Coarse.

"Dear Walter, Thanks so much for the pics of your custom. You did a really great job, and the detail looks amazing! We think its a successful custom since it stays true to the original sculpt, yet completely puts its own spin on the final result. Congrats and thanks for sharing your work with us.
All the best from Hong Kong."


Anxo said...

Enhorabuena Walter.
El e-mail de Coarse sin duda hace justicia a tu trabajo :)

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

@anxo asi lo creo :) muchas gracias!