Thursday, May 26, 2011

MUD! • Chauskoskis • ArtWhino G40

Also for the Artwhino G40 show

If you are aware of the debate that take place on twitter and forums about my Pawnny (Dunny inspired on a Coarse PAW ) you will totally get my Homage and at the same time a bit of sarcasm about the whole situation.
So i create this original 1/1 sculpt with obvious reference to Coarse Paw!
Mad respect For Mark and Coarse!

Si escucharon el debate que se dio entre bloggers, artistas y fans sobre el Pawnny que hice, usando un dunny y el diseño del Paw de Coarse, entenderan el sarcasmo de esta pieza original, con obvia referencia al Paw de COarse.. con mucho respeto a Mark y Coarse toys.


Pretty In Plastic said...

Checking out your work...this is amazing!!!

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

Thank you so much Julie! :)