Monday, May 2, 2011

PAWNNY Chauskoskis • Work in progress

by request, some crappy iphone pics of this new guy im working on, here you can see the sculpt ready, fix some things, but the most important feature are the eyes, who are sculpted "inside " the head and even now it got a little paw nose ,

now ready to paint (or maybe a mold?)

I decide to not make a massive dunny hand as paw the dunny head is already bigger than the body so in this case massive hands dont work good... so its liek a baby paw, some day he will grow up and have big hands... just not now.

Pawnny en camino! aún necesita unas correcciones pero basicamente ya esta listo para el molde!


Verenis said...

Tiene pinta de ser malhumorado y de puro travieso, peligroso, pero me gusta este pequeño monstruo ;)

Dox! said...


krakit said...

Yes! What a rockin' custom!

Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis said...

@verenis Gracias Vere!
@ DOx txs Dox
@ :D glad you dig it Kraks!